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The alarm clock beeped loudly, jolting Frank awake from his slumber. He was having so much fun in his dream that he wished to stretch out his hand and silence the alarm clock. The alarm clock, on the other hand, was a long way away. 

He was celebrating his birthday today; therefore, it was a memorable day for him. He had reached the age of eighteen. His buddies have a lot of fun planned for him, and despite his best efforts to learn more about the plans, all he knew was that they were going to make sure he lost his virginity today. 

To begin with, he didn’t have a girlfriend. He smiled as he remembered that. He was the only member of his circle of friends who had never had a girlfriend. He was giddy with anticipation of losing his virginity. The previous year, he’d gotten accepted to college. Stop acting like a child and start working like a man.

When he opened his phone, he saw a flurry of birthday texts from friends and relatives. While he liked all of the messages, he was preoccupied with sex and the prospect of losing his virginity. He decided to respond to the notes after he had finished having fun in the evening.

He took a bath and got ready for his lessons. Pete and Jake, two of his mates, were waiting for him when he went out of his room later, both with goofy grins on their faces.

“Happy birthday!” exclaimed the two.

Frank was grabbed by both of them and led out of the building. Outside, a car and two more of his mates, Daley and Mike, were waiting. They also got out of the car and yelled, “Happy birthday!”

“How did you end up here?” “You do realize I have to get to class, don’t you?” Frank remarked.

“No, no, no, no,” Daley stated emphatically. “There will be no class today for you, my friend.” You will have sex for the first time in your life today, and you will limit the number of masturbations you perform regularly.”

While the friends laughed heartily, Frank checked to see if anyone had heard what Daley had just said. Frank gave a warm grin. He had a strange group of buddies. Daley was the son of a very wealthy man, and he had access to practically anything he desired.

“Come on, let’s get this party started,” Daley urged. Mike sat in the passenger seat while he got into the driver’s seat.

Frank was bundled into the backseat by Pete and Jake, who sat on either side of him. Daley got in his car and drove away.

“How do we know where we’re going?”

Mike said, “You’ll see.”

Jake added, “And you’re going to adore it.”

Frank was taken aback and affected. He couldn’t believe his buddies had gone out of their way to help him. People walked up to him to say hello and wish him a happy birthday. People drank and danced as the party got into full flow.

Frank was escorted inside a room by Daley. “You’re free to go in there and have as much fun as you want.” You are not to go until you have had your fill of pleasure.” He then shoved Frank into the room.

They shut the door as soon as Frank entered the room. There was a bed in the room, and on the bed was the most beautiful woman Frank had ever seen. She was wearing an extremely revealing bra and pantyhose. Her legs were brought near to her breasts as she lay on her side.

Frank couldn’t take his gaze away from her enticing buttocks. A sex doll stood next to the lady, clothed in the same fashion as the lady.

“Happy birthday, handsome,” the lady exclaimed, her voice trembling. Frank’s dick rose against his pants just hearing the voice. “For today, I am yours.” Come over and take advantage of your gift.”

Frank hurriedly stripped off all of his clothes. He was nude in no time, and his dick was uncomfortably erect. They rushed up to the lady and shoved her away. He wanted to rip her pants down and slam himself inside her, but he reminded himself to relax and make sure she was having as much fun as he was.

He kissed her, then ran his lips down her chest and stomach. He kissed her pussy through the panties as he continued down to her panties. He adored the sound of her moaning.

He assisted her in removing her bra, and as her breasts came out, he sucked the nipples one by one into his lips. She ran her hands through his hair. He kissed her stomach after sucking her nipples, which made her shiver. He took her panties off slowly and softly.

He licked the outer lips of her pussy before plunging his tongue deep within. He grumbled loudly. She arrived.

“Please allow me to repay the favor,” she pleaded.

She went over Frank’s laps and sucked his dick in her mouth when he lay down. Frank had never received a blowjob before, so this was incredible. He warned her when he was going to cum.

She straddled him and buried her pussy in his stiff dick. As his dick pierced her folds, Frank felt like he was in heaven. She placed her hands on his shoulders and began riding him back and forth. Frank came in hard and fast because it was his first time.

“Wow!” Frank remarked. “I had no idea sex could be that exciting!”

The lady burst out laughing. “To say that’s an understatement is an understatement.” You have yet to see anything. I like you, and I’d like to see you again so we can have some more fun.”

Frank was taken aback. “What? I arrived quickly. “Are you dissatisfied?”

“I admire your gentleness. “Way is the first time I’ve ever been treated like this,” the girl added.

“Wow. Thanks. “I’d like to meet you again,” Frank expressed his desire.

She took the sex toy after they exchanged phone numbers. “Kindly keep this and enjoy it till we meet again.” Use it to practice whatever you want to do to me.” She kissed him on the lips and exited the room. Frank fell asleep on the bed, but not before reflecting on how this was the nicest birthday celebration he had ever attended.